Midnight Pics
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Pictures of our Dogchild: Midnight
Midnight is our 4 month old puppy. She's half German Shepard and half Chow. Midnight was born on October 5, 2002.

The lil Christmas puppy!
This is my newest best friend:Midnight! Just 2 months old!
Midnight passes out with Arlene!
Midnight, before she took up HALF the bed! LOL
Midnight playing with Gus!
We had just moved in! Midnight plays with Gus the Hedgehog!
Midnight piggin out!
This is before Midnight started eating a HORSE!
Midnight being cute!
"I'm not a terrorist Stacilynn! I'm just a pretty lil puppygirl!"
Midnight with Gus again.
Midnight takes a breather with Gus the Hedgehog.
The Yawn & Scratch
Midnight shows off her blue spotted Chow tongue.